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How do you combine a connection between two appeal to pass data among them?

Publicado por Valentina Tolosa en 17 agosto, 2021

How do you combine a connection between two appeal to pass data among them?

Really new at all to juju. So far You will find produced and established utilizing one tool charms and intense beauty individually.

But now from your tool i must add some link to server attraction and find facts from servers charms.

Resources like public-address and private handle. I looked into on how to combine interaction between two charms. But I’m not crystal clear about how to add some relations and take resources. I merely learn i wish to include parameter in metadata.yaml document.

Can any individual say simple tips to add respect and get things from servers beauty? Essentially i must incorporate internet protocol address by server attraction and after creating partnership from product beauty need certainly to check out this ip.

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So, if you wish to identify a connection between two appeal you have to for starters, as you have alluded to, define the regards in each charms given that you’ve defined a server/client function i’ll follow that during variations below with foo-server and foo-client charms. Since its most likely the host supplying the greater part of your data into clients their metadata.yaml data files would look as a result:



Juju have two major respect varieties. Continue Reading

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